Have you always talked about someone’s well-being, and mostly taken material possessions or physical health into account?  Did you know that there are many other factors that determine an individual’s well-being?

Here, on Smart Daily Journal you will find articles, stories, snippets, advices, and more importantly real-life experiences that will enrich your well-being.

Mindfulness Physical Wellness Spiritual Wellness

Emotional Wellness: 

Humans are social beings, they are not programmed to live alone. They have thrived in groups since time immemorial. We definitely need functional and satisfying relationships in our lives to operate normally. 

Our emotional well-being influences our confidence, and also behaviour. We all agree that we can face life challenges with a better mindset when our emotional health is good. 

One can also improve or maintain their emotional health by indulging in recreational activities. These activities may or may not involve others.  

Activities like listening to music, watching our favourite movies, or reading a book – can be done alone and in leisure. And cuddling with our partner, playing with our pets, sharing a good meal – requires us to include our loved ones. 

Spiritual Wellness:

The search for meaning in life is an ongoing quest. It is proven that man’s constant search for a greater purpose helps him cope with the most difficult situations in his life. 

Spiritual wellness can be achieved from activities like meditation, prayer, self-reflection, reading, or spending time in nature.

These activities may evoke a feeling of inner peace, and also boost our self-confidence. One can improve spiritual wellness by contemplating about life in solitude, or volunteering to help those in need. Such activities offer hope, and better our value system. It also allows us to experience life with a broad mind. 


Learning is a continuous process of life. Every day we are exposed to new situations that require us to obtain new information or skills to face or overcome them. 

We usually recognize our unique talents at a very young age, and then engage ourselves in creative activities that nurture mental growth. 

We can exercise our intellect by doing challenging puzzles like crosswords or Sudoku, learning a new language, or learning to play a musical instrument, or reading a book, or sharing ideas and debating with other intellects. 

There are plenty of opportunities in the world that aids our intellectual wellbeing. And it is proven that people with better intellectual health have better concentration, superior critical thinking skills, and improved memory. They simply perform better in life.

Physical Wellness:

Our body is a temple. We often take our physical health for granted, until we are exposed to illness and diseases. 

Healthy nutrition, ample exercise and adequate sleep are essential for physical wellness. One can maintain their physical health by doing yoga, walking, running, jogging, jumping, gardening or engaging in light to vigorous sports. 

However, one must watch their nutrition intake and also avoid smoking or excessive drinking to stay in good health. Also, eating organic and cutting out junk food and sugar from our diets can improve our health to a great extent. 

Financial Wellness:

Our financial situation plays a bigger role in our lives than we can imagine. It is a common stress-causing factor among people. 

At this point, it is safe to assume that our finances affect our overall wellness. We can improve our financial wellness by managing our monies better. 

Making a household budget, tracking our expenditures, starting a savings account, cutting on unnecessary expenses, and avoiding debts are a few things that we can do to avoid getting into any possible crisis. 

When we do not have to make ends meet, we can concentrate on enhancing our overall well-being. 

Occupational Wellness:

Everyone has heard this popular saying – do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. Occupational wellness can be achieved when we are satisfied with our choice of work – the choice that meets our interests, fits our values, and utilizes our skills. 

We can deem our job satisfying when it is meaningful and financially rewarding. It also includes balanced work and personal life, maintaining a good relationship with coworkers, and minimal workplace stress. 

Social Wellness:

Like it was mentioned earlier, humans are social beings and they thrive in groups. We can unanimously agree that we do better in our lives when we belong somewhere and there is a sense of connectedness. 

Social wellness can be improved by creating and maintaining a healthy social network. It can be a small group but must be meaningful. 

We can build it by taking small steps like communicating better with our coworkers, joining clubs which are into hiking, reading, sports etc, treating others respectfully, being genuine, and authentic with our acquaintances. The elaborate social structure of our society should tell us how important a factor social wellness is for our overall wellbeing. 

Now, we have understood that our wellness is influenced by many factors. Which of these factors have you mastered already? What factors would you like to get better at? It’s time to start reading our articles – Analyze each factor and Jolt down your positives and shortcomings.