Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness refers to a person’s connection to the spiritual world and their overall sense of well-being. Spiritual wellness can refer to a person’s overall relationship with their higher power, their connection to nature, or their positive view of life in general.

There are several types of spiritual wellness:
a. Spiritual vitality is an inner strength that allows one to maintain a healthy balance between soul and body. Spiritual vitality is like an inner compass that directs your movements and actions toward an optimal state of health, happiness and wholeness.
b. Spiritual values are those beliefs and principles that guide your actions and decisions. Spiritual values are those things that you hold dear, including family and friends, kindness, compassion, integrity and honesty.
c. Spiritual practices are activities that you engage in to grow in spiritual awareness and experience a greater connection with the Divine. These can include meditation, prayer, journaling and other forms of meditation.

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